Experience Pride in Jasper

Proud & Free

Jasper is a traditionally diverse and welcoming community attracting travelers, workers, students, ski bums and residents from all over the world. This unique atmosphere is a perfect fit for the resident queer community, the LGBTQ2+ traveler and the many LGBTQ2+ couples who wed in Jasper every year. They all have their favorite hang-outs in town… but we will let you find that out by yourself.

The businesses in Jasper are full of Pride stickers in their windows and our mayor traditionally opens our Pride Festival. In 2010, the rainbow flag was officially raised for the first time at our Fire Hall for International Day against Homophobia. Our local advocacy group OUT Jasper has been a popular focal point for the queer community for years. The LGBTQ2+ friendliness of Jasper has been noted all around Canada and been featured in various media outlets, LGBTQ2+, alternative and mainstream.

The Town of Jasper

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s largest Rocky Mountain Park, the town of Jasper offers visitors unparalleled access to one of the most breathtaking and pristine wilderness areas in Canada. 5000 people live in Jasper year round, a few more in the summer than in the winter. Jasper is that breath of fresh cool mountain air, crisp and invigorating, yet reassuringly calm. A self-described little town in a big park, this historic railway settlement strikes a fine balance between conservation and development, ecology and economics. In its untamed heart, it’s a gateway to adventure within the largest and most northerly Canadian Rocky Mountain National Park. You’re as likely to share a silent morning moment with elk here as you are with fellow human beings.

And even though it offers every conceivable world-class resort luxury, amenity and activity – plus gourmet dining with nearly as many stars as the clear midnight skies – Jasper will tug at your heart long after you leave for one very simple reason – it feels like home.


Jasper Pride Activities & Adventures

With so much to do and see during the Jasper Pride & Ski festival, it can be challenging to decide which activities to experience. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of some amazing adventures you can enjoy while you’re in Jasper.

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