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Apr 12, 2024


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Family Pride Party

We are honoured to be bringing our community families together to celebrate diversity, inclusion and love. The family pride party will have special guest performers, music, crafts, photobooth, and more!

Join in the fun and express your creativity and show off your unique style with your favorite costume or outfit. Whatever you choose, this event will be full of hugs, high-fives smiles and laughter. Whatever you choose the important thing is to have fun and celebrate your individuality.

All families (local & visiting) are welcome!


Jasper Activity Centre
Multi-Purpose Room, 305 Bonhomme St, Jasper

The event is finished.


All ages
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  • Sheldon Casavant
    Sheldon Casavant

    Sheldon isn’t your everyday magician. Recognized as one of Canada’s most sought after performers, he engages diverse audiences with a repertoire of magic that is highly interactive and fun.

    From intimate gatherings to audiences in excess of 25,000 people, Sheldon’s unique style of magic has been appreciated around the world. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, he has entertained across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Panama, China, and has performed over 600 shows in Japan. When all eyes were on Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sheldon performed for competing athletes from around the world.

  • Art Official
    Art Official

    A twisted blend of straight clownery and video-game-villian, Art Official takes you into a world where blinking could cost you a fortune 🔮


Jasper Activity Centre
Multi-Purpose Room, 305 Bonhomme St, Jasper

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