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Apr 15, 2023


7:30 PM - 2:00 AM



Pride Party: Dungeons & Drag

Roll the die, take a chance. Where will your PRIDE take you tonight?

Call it fate, luck, or fantasy, but the wheel of time has turned and Dungeons & Drag is coming to the town of Jasper. Create your character and step into the world of fantasy at this year’s Jasper Pride Festival. Join your fellow heroes, heroines, elves, and fairy-creatures as you begin your quest for treasure. Unleash your inner mystical persona, harness your creative self and expose your most daring qualities. Join us in the land of queer at this year’s Signature Event.

Think cosplay, magic, and most importantly glitter. We want you to glamour up DnD like never before. Have fun with it and prepare to get lost in a night of music, performances, and fantastical fun. This event will bring mystical fashion along with the mystery and intrigue of the Dungeons & Dragons world to this year’s Jasper Pride Party.

Prizes awarded for:
– Best Costume — Overall
– Most Creative Costume

The evening’s program and exceptional talents is sure to keep everyone entertained as we prepare to enjoy an epic dance party. We’re also thrilled to announce that Canada’s Drag Race Finalist, Kendall Gender will be headlining our evening!

Doors 7:30 PM l Performance Start 9:00 PM.

– Coat Check Available.
– No Minors Permitted in this event.

Meet Canada’s Drag Race Finalist, Kendall Gender!

$30 plus GST per person | Available between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

This is your moment to meet Kendall Gender in person. Includes a professional photo with Kendall made available after as a digital download. You will receive further information on how to access your photo closer to the event. Your photo will be made available up to 48 hours after the engagement.

Purchase your Meet & Greet ticket below.

*This opportunity is exclusive to Pride Party: Dungeons & Drag ticket holders.
*Meet & Greet ticket can be purchased together with a Pride Party: Dungeons & Drag ticket or separately however you must have a Pride Party: Dungeons & Drag ticket to access the Meet & Greet.
*Your ‘moment’ with Kendall Gender is limited to the time it takes to have your photo captured.
*Personal photos will not be permitted during your ‘moment’ with Kendall Gender. This will be restricted to a professional photo only. Photography is permitted before and after your engagement.
*All photos captured during the Meet & Greet will be made available online for download and publicly available for viewing.
*Pride Party: Dungeons & Drag tickets are non-transferable once redeemed and entry to the event has occurred.
*Tickets are non-refundable if you do not attend

Party Shuttle Bus 

* Jasper to JPL      19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30
* JPL to Jasper      00:00, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30 & 02:00

Jasper pick-up locations are:
* Totem Pole on Connaught Drive
* Tonquin Inn on Connaught Drive.
Look for the Red Bull mini cooper and enjoy some freebies while you wait for the shuttle.


Fairmont: Jasper Park Lodge
1 Old Lodge Road, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0

The event is finished.


Jasper Pride Festival Society


Jasper Pride Festival Society
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  • Beau Creep
    Beau Creep

    With a disdain for authority, a penchant for debauchery, and a tongue firmly rooted in his cheek, Beau Creep is a psychedelic gender-bent clown from the fifth dimension. Had he not been raised by the loving and glitter soaked embrace of strippers and drag queens, he would’ve likely run away to join the circus but, as fate would have it, his world collided and he has since become his own three ring spectacle.

    This award-winning, interdisciplinary visual and performance artist has also captured international attention – having appeared across Canada, USA, and Europe – with his eccentric and whimsical stage acts. He’s been accused of being an experience you do not want to miss and you won’t soon forget.

  • Plastika

    Oh did someone ask for an ICON?!? Well look no further because Jasper’s very own hometown icon is BACK! Plastika is back ready to slay Jasper and all who come to celebrate pride again this year! Plastika is known for her quick wit, charming personality and her seductive dance moves! Performing for audiences all over Canada Plastika never fails leave audiences screaming for more!

  • Claudia Hartout
    Claudia Hartout

    If you’re looking for a girl with personality, you’re in luck! This one has multiple! You may have seen her perform as her Burlesque alter ego, Rusty Strutz – but Claudia Hartout is sure to be your new favourite fantasy. She’s an eccentric Aunt trapped in a bald man’s body, just making the most of the time these knees have left.

    Here for a good time, not a long time, because bedtime is 11pm… and her bunion is killing her… Claudia is thrilled to return to the Jasper Pride Festival! She’s super sweet and a little salty. She’s comin’ in hot and heavy, ready to claw your heart right out of your chest!

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