Jasper Pride & Ski Party is just around the corner, which means... Pride Party!!

Dungeons & Drag is our delectable theme… so how do you dress for such a fun eve? First create a character, then step into our fantasy world. So many characters to consider, so many roles you could play. It’s time to unleash your inner mystical persona, harness your creative self and expose your most daring qualities.

We’ve pulled together some considerations, based on the Dungeons & Dragons game. From there, it’s up to you to turn it from Dragons to Drag!


This is a world of fantasy… will you remain human, or perhaps recreate yourself as something different? An Elf, a Dwarf or perhaps a Halfling?

what class are you?

This is another way of saying, what’s your occupation? As you step into this imaginary world for the evening, do you shed your daily life as an accountant and embrace that of a Rouge perhaps? Or is a Warrior or Wizard more to your liking?

from drab to drag!

This is where we get really creative. Add shimmer and sparkle to your new persona, it’s your time to shine baby!

Not feeling inspired? Want to be a devious unicorn fairy instead? Go for it!
This is a magical and mystical place – you can be anything you dream of.


Jasper Pride Activities & Adventures

With so much to do and see during the Jasper Pride & Ski festival, it can be challenging to decide which activities to experience. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of some amazing adventures you can enjoy while you’re in Jasper.

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Experience Pride in Jasper

There’s an energy at Jasper Pride that you won’t feel anywhere else. Being surrounded by natural beauty in a town that openly and proudly supports the LGBTQ community year round… you can’t help but feel like you’re apart of something special.

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