Pride on the Hill

11:30 PM

Mid-Chalet, Marmot Basin.

Join us for a fun-filled day on the slopes of Marmot Basin with costumes, a pride-coloured Fun Run and Parade, a BBQ at Mid-Chalet and music by Edmonton's Virgin Radio 104.9 FM.  

11:00 am: Hop on the Eagle Express Quad Chair and make your way up to Mid-Chalet at 1.980 metres. 

11:30 am: Meet at the trail map board outside of Mid-Chalet for our traditional Fun Run. Feel free to dress-up in your most fun costumes and be sure to bring many Pride flags with you! This is our Pride Event so don't hold back! All participants will ski down together the bunny hop and tranquilizer runs for a colorful Parade of Pride!

12-2:30 pm: Hop on the Eagle Express Quad Chair again for an all-day Pride Party at Mid-Chalet with great drinks and BBQ food provided by Marmot Basin. 

Free Pride discount vouchers for Marmot Basin are available at our Pride House and other Pride venues. Discounted lift tickets can be purchased with our vouchers at the Marmot Basin Group desk at the Lower Chalet.  

1-Day-Pride-Ticket: $79.43, for students $63.37
2-Day-Pride-Ticket: $150.93, for students $120.40
3-Day-Pride-Ticket: $177.56, for students $141.65

Co-hosted by Marmot Basin and the Jasper Pride Festival Society.