Board of Directors

The Board of Jasper Pride Festival Society has the supervision, control and direction of the management, of the Society and determines its policies and supervises its funds and properties. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term.

Please contact our current Board members:

Cody Murdock, Co-Chair
Lynn Wannop, Co-Chair
David Boomer, Treasurer
Melissa Mercer, Secretary
Tourism Jasper, Ex Officio
Ellen Bezaire
Kyle Darroch
Nathan Hale
Erin Steeves
Amy Olson
Lindsay Winkler

Independent Contractors

Elsa Begrand, Jasper Event Management, Festival Coordinator
Jordan Tucker, Jasper Event, Management, Festival Coordinator
Heather Blouin, Tourism Marketing Consultant, Marketing Coordinator
Melinda Cushing, Akasa Design, Graphic Designer